Policy Work

Email your US House and Senate members to show your support for the “Community Mental Wellness and Resilience Act”

Do you want to prevent and heal mental health problems generated by the climate crisis and other adversities?

How about supporting efforts that also engage communities in climate solutions?

If so, please contact your House and Senate members to urge co-sponsorship and support of their
“Community Mental Wellness and Resilience Act”!

What will the bill do?

House bill HR 3073 and its Senate Companion bill SB 1425 would fund and provide technical assistance to support the formation and operation of broad and diverse coalitions across the nation that build mental wellness and resilience for adversities and implement local climate solutions.

Spread the word!

Please take 5 minutes to contact your House and Senate members. We recommend letting your representative know who you are and how the psychological and emotional effects of climate change personally impact you. You are welcome to use one of our templates for your note.

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